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 Recruitment And Staffing Services

Flatiron Temporary Staffing delivers exceptional staffing and recruitment solutions by identifying top talent for organizations across various industries. With a focus on sourcing, screening, selecting qualified candidates and field management, our services will provide efficient and tailored staffing solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements for our clients.

We are recognized for our unwavering dedication to excellence in service, responsiveness, and personalized attention. Our team of experienced professionals are passionate about helping candidates discover their full potential and assisting organizations in achieving their strategic goals through exceptional talent acquisition.

Direct Hire

Streamline your hiring process with our Direct Hire services, enabling you to find and recruit top talent directly into permanent positions within your organization. By eliminating the need for intermediaries, we empower you to make direct connections with exceptional candidates, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring experience for long-term growth.

Executive Search

Unlock executive-level talent for your organization through our comprehensive Executive Search services. Our dedicated team leverages extensive networks and industry expertise to identify and attract high-caliber professionals who possess the strategic leadership and experience necessary to drive your company's success.

Temporary Staffing

Discover the advantages of our Temporary Staffing services, designed to provide you with skilled and reliable professionals for short-term projects or to cover staff absences. Our pool of talented temporary employees offers flexibility, expertise, and a quick turnaround, ensuring your business continues to operate smoothly during peak periods or unforeseen circumstances.

Payrolling Service

Simplify your payroll management with our efficient Payrolling Service for any short or long term need you may have. We handle the administrative burden by becoming the official employer of record, managing payroll processing, tax obligations, and benefits administration, allowing you to focus on your core business while ensuring compliance and reducing HR complexities.


Experience the benefits of our Temp-to-Hire program, where we provide qualified temporary employees who can seamlessly transition into permanent roles within your organization.

With this flexible staffing solution, you have the opportunity to assess candidates' skills and cultural fit before making a long-term commitment, ensuring the perfect match for your business needs.

Client Consultation

Gain valuable insights and tailored staffing solutions with our Client Staffing Consultation service. Our experienced team collaborates closely with your organization to understand your unique staffing needs, challenges, and goals, providing strategic advice and customized recommendations to help you optimize your workforce and achieve long-term success.

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